Sports Nutrition

SSE #179 Nutrition Strategies for Gut Health and Immune Function - What Do We Know and What Are the Gaps?

Nicholas P. West, Candice Colbey, Jelena Vider, Amanda J Cox

SSE #173 Nutritional Strategies to Improve Skeletal Muscle Mitochondrial Content and Function

Graham P. Holloway, PhD

SSE #171 Muscle Energetics During Explosive Activities and the Potential Effects of Nutrition

Kent Sahlin, MSc

SSE #169 Nutritional Support for Injuries Requiring Reduced Activity

Kevin D. Tipton, PhD

SSE #168 Fueling the Basketball Athlete: The Practitioner's Approach

Kris Osterberg, MS, RD, CSSD

SSE #166 Recovery Nutrition for the Basketball Athlete

Keith Baar, PhD

SSE #160 Dietary Protein to Support Active Aging

Luc J.C. van Loon, PhD

SSE #150 Dietary Assessment Methods For the Athlete: Pros and Cons of Different Methods

Louise M. Burke

SSE #149 Nutrition and Neurogenesis

Romain Meeusen

SSE #148 The Importance of Vitamin D for Athletes

Enette Larson-Meyer

SSE #147 Vitamin D Measurement & Supplementation: What, When, Why & How?

Graeme L. Close

SSE #146 Fueling a Football Team

Jacqueline R. Berning

SSE #144 In-Season Recovery Nutrition for American Football

Keith Baar and Lisa E. Heaton

SSE #140 Carbohydrate Nutrition and Team Sport Performance

Clyde Williams and Ian Rollo

SSE #137 Endurance Exercise and Antioxidant Supplementation: Sense or Nonsense? - Part 1

Scott K. Powers and Kurt J. Sollanek

SSE #136 Using Nutrition and Molecular Biology to Maximize Concurrent Training

Keith Baar

SSE #133 Practical Considerations in Elite Football

James Collins and Ian Rollo

SSE #130: Supplements for Consideration in Football

James P. Morton

SSE #129: Recovery Nutrition for Football Players

Peter Res

SSE #124: Buffers and Their Role in the Nutritional Preparation of Athletes

Andrew M. Jones