Athlete Health & Well Being

SSE #177 Weight Management for Athletes and Active Individuals

Melinda M. Manore Ph.D., RD, FACSM

SSE #176 Healthy and Sustainable Youth Sports - The Future of Youth Athlete Development

Michael F. Bergeron, Ph.D., FACSM

SSE #175 The Female Athlete: Energy and Nutrition Issues

Melinda M. Manore PhD, RD, CSSD, FACSM

SSE #167 Sleep and Athletes

Shona L. Halson, PhD

SSE #165 Hydration Science and Strategies for Basketball

Lindsay B. Baker, PhD

SSE #158 Hydration and Thermal Strain in Youth Sports: Responses and Recommendations to Minimize Clinical Risk and Optimize Performance in the Heat

Michael F. Bergeron, PhD

SSE #151 Effects of Exercise on Immune Function

Michael Gleeson

SSE #148 The Importance of Vitamin D for Athletes

Enette Larson-Meyer

SSE #147 Vitamin D Measurement & Supplementation: What, When, Why & How?

Graeme L. Close

SSE #145 Football Player Body Composition: Importance of Monitoring for Performance and Health

Roberta Anding and Jonathan M. Oliver

SSE #141 Hydration for Football Athletes

William M. Adams and Douglas J. Casa

SSE #135 Monitoring Fatigue and Recovery

Shona L. Halson

SSE #132: Injury Prevention and Nutrition in Football

Daniel Medina, Antonia Lizarraga and Franchek Drobnic

SSE #128: Hydration Science and Strategies in Football

Orlando Laitano, José Luiz Runco and Lindsay Baker

SSE #114: Nutritional Recommendations to Avoid Gastrointestinal Distress During Exercise

Erick Prado de Oliveria

SSE #89: The Juvenile Obesity Epidemic: Strike Back with Physical Activity

Oded Bar-Or, M.D.

SSE #86: Heat Stroke in Sports: Causes, Prevention and Treatment

E. Randy Eichner, M.D.

SSE #85: Exercise, Antioxidants, and Cardioprotection

Scott K. Powers, Ph.D., Ed.D.

SSE #82: Optimizing bone health: impact of nutrition, exercise, and hormones

Susan A. Bloomfield, Ph.D.

SSE #81: Anemia And Blood Boosting

E. Randy Eichner, M.D.